Steel Span Building Assembly Information
steel building assembly

Assembly Information

More than 75% of Duro customers erect their buildings themselves. Construction of a Duro building requires only four people.

Construction can be done with fewer or more people, but four people can get the job done, depending on the size of the building, in a matter of days.

  1. Raise the arches into place. In most cases no heavy equipment is necessary when raising your arches.
  2. All the arches are finally up. If you purchased an open ended building, you are done. 
  3. Open Ended Building - All arches completed. 
  4. Option 1: Install the end walls. Our pre-cut, pre-drilled end walls are easy to install with features like weather strip inserts and heavy-duty trim kits that guarantee a lifetime custom fit.  The last nine inches of each end panel is flat so the two panels fit tight when bolted together making it easy to assemble. The bolts sit on the flat surface, not a corrugated one giving a tight seal with no leaks. 
  5. Continued: Installing the end walls.
  6. Install the doors. 
  7. Building with end walls completed.
  8.  Option 2: Building your own end wall is an easy task for any do-it-yourselfer. Beautiful end walls can be customized to your own specifications, requirements and personal tastes.
  9. Add your own end walls continued. Customized end walls completed.

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